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Write Your Book - Publish Your Book - Promote Your BookUnless you are a tested and true celebrity author who has delivered millions of sales in the past or a major media political figure with an expose – you will be expected to do most of the publicity work yourself. And pay your expenses.

Because you are probably self published or with a tiny publisher with no budget.

This is nothing new. Except for the super stars, the majority of authors who were featured on my national cable show paid their own way to Chicago. And the budgets have shrunk further since then.

There are several ways for you to get publicity and the following applies whether you have a publisher, are self published or have written an E-book. It is also applicable to a program or course you have developed to sell.

Some ideas –

You can hire your own professional publicist. Just as an estimate, this would cost between $1500. to much more with a usual minimum contract of six months.

The price reflects how much clout they have with print media, TV and radio stations and which authors they have represented before.

Short on budget?

You can be your own publicist. You can feature your book on your own blog.

Publish your own book on Kindle or Createspace.  Kindle is digital and Createspace is a paperback.  They are owned by Amazon and are FREE.

Even if you are a non tech person, like me, you can figureout how to do it.

Use social networks to get the word out like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or forums. Call in your buddies to feature you – and  retweet you. You’ve helped them in the past.

Write an article based on your book and send it to your local newspaper. Find out in advance how many words are ideal for them. If they have a slow news day they might just plug it in.

Advertise in RTIR. It is a magazine that goes to thousands of media outlets. Not really cheap but I got many interviews out of it. I started with three months. (not an affiliate)  They are good.  They will even write the copy for you.

Getting on national or cable TV or a major radio station show is more of a challenge.

 But use any contacts you have and you may get lucky. You may know someone who knows someone. Have a slick looking press kit to send out with a professional head shot of yourself..

Find out who the decision maker is and write directly to that person. Get the spelling and their title right. Snail Priority Mail is still used. Don’t waste money on FedEx. No one will be impressed.

If you use E-mail you should consider doing a cut and paste besides an attachment. Some producers will not download a file.

Speak. Speak. Speak. Bookstores are a given. But – according to the relevance of your topic – what about Rotary, Lions, University clubs, Senior Centers? These unpaid and overworked program chairpeople are always looking for speakers.

If you can garner a crowd, a book store may handle “back of the room” sales. Or try a non for profit and share  a donation to these charity based organizations.

If you are promoting an E-Book, your web address is on your business card, right?

Business cards are cheap.  Make one just about your book.

Don’t overlook Public Access Television in your town. Start looking at the local shows and approach producers who look like they might have interest in your topic.  The are always open to an interesting person and they will show your interview all over your city.   Free.

Internet radio, like Blog Talk Radio, is a great way to get publicity. There are hundreds of shows now.  Look for someone who features your topic.

Contact them individually by name and make reference to the shows you have heard them do..

No mass emails please. You don’t want to contact a sports show if your subject is archeology. Offer to send them a copy of your book on request.

If they don’t answer, contact them again. Mention you are available on short notice. Some guests cancel late.

Don’t be shy. Keep asking. You are doing them a favor by filling their space.

Start your own show on one of the Internet radio stations. Most are free and will allow you to promote your own products.

Ask your talented friends to come on and interview you. Then return the favor. Everyone is selling something these days.

One of the advantages of the Internet radio stations is they usually allow you to post the show to your blog.

So it keeps on giving even if you don’t have a lot of audience at first. People can listen later.

Does publicity sound like a lot of work to you? It is.

You will learn a lot. Your next book publicity program will be a snap. You will be your own media coach.

You have come this far. Go all the way. Share your great writing everywhere you can.

Writing your book has been the hard part.

Getting your book out there is even harder.  This is business.

Are you up to it?

Yes. You Are.

This is an excerpt-  Buy the book on Amazon.

CROP BookCover media creation v2 150x150 HOW TO BE A TERRIBLE, HORRIBLE, INTERVIEW GUEST    from  Media Creation
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Nancy Shields
April 2, 2014 at 1:25 pm

Hello BFF – great words of wisdom and I’m sure experience! Making the time to do all this is my greatest challenge. Somewhat difficult with working a full time job – and writing blogs every week. Maybe my book should be all my blogs put together in book format. I believe you’ve told me to do that already!

Big love your way,


Par Donahue
April 2, 2014 at 7:10 pm

Thanks again, Corinne, I always appreciate your remarks. Some years ago I attended my first writing workshop. The presenter was a local novelist who has since become quite popular. One of the attendees asked her how much time she spent everyday writing.
After few seconds of thought she responded, “I try to spend Four hours everyday writing and an additional four hours marketing.”
No one, including me could believe her. The questioner then asked this follow up question: “How can you spend for hours marketing?”
Her response, “That’s all the time I have.”
I suspect that’s why she is successful and so many others are not!
Thanks Corinne, you’re a great motivator!


Corinne Edwards
April 3, 2014 at 6:54 am

My dear Nancy –

Yes, you already have written your book. Look at your archives. Do you know how many people have NOT READ those posts?

I have thrown the kitchen sink into the post your just read. You don’t have to all of it.

But put all those posts in order and put them on Kindle at least.

The world is waiting. You always say you can change lives through words.

You have some great words.
Corinne Edwards recently posted..YOUR BOOK NEEDS PUBLICITY – How To Get ItMy Profile


April 9, 2014 at 9:51 am

Great advice Corinne. And I would add if you dream it it is possible. You just have to keep trying and take one step at a time.
I do believe that when it comes to the internet the Social Media is a great place to start. And getting it on a Kindle book with Amazon like you have.

The key is to keep trying. You are a great example of that and your knowledge is create.
Debbie recently posted..How Modern Day Parenting Is Gambling With Your Kids FutureMy Profile


April 9, 2014 at 10:39 am

You are right, Debbie –

EVERYTHING starts with a dream.

But if we dream and dream and dream –

and never take that first baby step to propel it forward –

it remains just a dream.

Fear of failure is what keeps us back. Someone will say no. Or your close relatives tell you you are crazy.

They are not being mean. They are afraid too. Afraid you will fail and get hurt.

Wayne Dyer says to share your dreams with no one. Keep them private. Then if you fail, no one will know.

I think that is good advice.
Corinne recently posted..START YOUR BOOK NOW – from Write Your Book – Publish Your Book – Promote Your book – on AmazonMy Profile


April 24, 2014 at 1:55 pm

Dear Par –

Sorry for the delay in answering. Some glitches here. Was not getting comments.

I wish I could agree that I do the same. Four hours writing I probably do – but not always for me. For clients also. And four hours for me and clients on marketing. It does take time. Otherwise, people don’t notice you (or your clients(

I have problems with friends who complain when I can’t just “do lunch” on very little notice.

People think if you are a writer and you work from home – it is not a job.

As you know, it is!
Corinne recently posted..WHEN YOUR HUSBAND HAD DIED – A Survival Guide – on AmazonMy Profile


Max Arthur April 28, 2014 at 9:40 pm

Which means that if you want to be your own publicist, you need to build solid following to promote your book to.
Max Arthur recently posted..myTonicMy Profile


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