WHAT’S THE RUSH? WALK LIKE A DUCK – From Are We Spiritual Yet? – on Amazon

by Corinne

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The scenario:

Saturday after New Year’s Day.

The giant mall in the middle of Chicago was packed. No place to park. Nerves were frayed.

I was there for the sales – many up to 75% off the already reduced prices. Might as well take a look.

Turned into yet another aisle hoping for a parking spot.

Jammed on my brakes. I nearly hit him.

Him was a white duck as big as a turkey strolling leisurely across the road.

Behind him, another duck – and another – and another – and a mother with eight chicks – and another.

Traffic was stopped in both directions. And, they kept coming.

People started honking loudly behind me. And from the other direction.

They angrily got out of their cars –

An accident? Some jerk waiting for a spot to park?

The ducks continued to march slowly, serenely, in precision formation. Not a feather was ruffled with all the noise and the crowd which had assembled.

Where did they come from? Where were they going? There was no water for miles.

Suddenly, it became a friendly crowd of strangers.

Video phones to record the event were pulled out – children gathered out of their car seats to watch. Everyone was laughing. Bargain shopping forgotten.

I smiled all the way home. Stopped obediently at every stop sign. Did not blow through one yellow traffic light.

I had planned to take the tree down. But why now? Today. It still looked so pretty.

What’s a few more days?

What’s the rush?

Would you like to read the rest of the book? I hope so.


Paperback click here

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Special thanks to Evan for his review of the whole book on his site,

Living Authentically

You can read his whole review by clicking here

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