MOMENTS – from Are We Spirtitual Yet?

by Corinne

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Why is it

when I stare backward

on the landscape of my life,

the only signposts still standing

are the losses?

Where are the moments?

Always waiting, waiting for things,

for children to start school,

mortgages to be paid,

for Christmas, summer,

marriages to begin,

to be over.

Or, rushing, out of breath,

I have slammed so many doors,

missed friendships,

meeting obligations, making deadlines,

stretching to goals that meant nothing.

I can’t wait anymore

to hear the ocean while I sleep,

for the glass table which is too expensive,

a screened porch.

A man who adores me.

I want to run along a beach with no destination,

read all day in my nightgown,

throw away my eyeliner.

I want to fall madly in love with an unsuitable person.

Forever is not so long anymore.

I want to live,

so if I ever look back again,

I’ll remember the moments.



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Frank P. Caparelli April 13, 2016 at 8:06 am

Wow, what a brilliant exposition of those “moments”
we all encounter and have to deal with in life.
As I have grown “older” and matured, I have learned to
appreciate and value the many priceless things’ that are
important as I live my life:: new friends, new pursuits
and a greater realization of my priceless faith.
I have always been a spiritual guy, but at times, those “moments” have interfered with that spirituality.
As the years have gone by, spirituality has become
the MAJOR part of my life. Thank you Corinne, for always striking a thoughtful “chord” for us and the realization
of what’s important in life. Keep up the good work.


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