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Corinne Edwards

Work With Your Own Media Coach – ONE on ONE private coaching.

Sweaty palms?  Ears clogged up so you can’t hear your own voice? You are a great writer and enjoy speaking in small groups. You are a communicator.

But you just reviewed your latest interview or podcast and you hated it.

You are cringing at the result.

More and more podcasting, video blogging and interviews are being done on the Internet.

Why should you use me to help?

Firstly, you are being too hard on yourself.  You just need a little coaching to tweak your work and come off as a true professional.

I can help.

This is one on one coaching.  Not a class.

I was a national talk show host/producer on television and radio for Wisdom Television.

I hosted over 400 interviews.   I learned how to grab interest from my opening line.  And how to follow up with the right questions.  Questions your listener would want your guest to answer.

My interest now is in helping you with what I know about media coaching –  whether you are a speaker, an interviewer or are have been invited for an interview.

It’s scary if you are doing the interview.  And one of the worst nightmares is if you are the one on the other end.  What do you do if the interviewer is not familiar with your topic?  They have not prepared.  This is more common than you think.  How do you handle that? I will teach you how to give the interview no matter what they don’t ask  you.

Among the personalities I have interviewed are Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Robert Bly, Judith Viorst, Les Brown, Jean Houston – I could go on and on.

It was a wonderful opportunity.

I charge by time or by the project.  I like to use Skype so we can see each other or Ovoo.  Ot the telephone if you are more comfortable with that.

Short intro session to see if we fit is FREE.

ONE SESSION IS $90.00 – an hour or so.


(This will really get you into professional mode)

Another way some clients have asked me to help them is by reviewing already produced programming.  You can learn much by a critique and suggestions.

If you feel you could use some  media coaching  help – or even a tune up –

Let’s talk.  Contact me at  miraclecor at aol.com

or by telephone

773 338.9070

I am looking forward to working with you.

Corinne Edwards

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