Goodbye for now, my friend and mentor – Wayne Dyer

I met Wayne Dyer through Dr. Deepak Chopra.

I had listened to one of Dr. Chopra’s audio tapes and heard he was coming into Chicago as part of a group of speakers in a workshop.  He was not well known at the time but I thought his ideas would make him an interesting guest on my new TV show on Chicago Access.

Can you imagine?  I called Dr. Chopra at his office and he answered the phone.

He said he was going to be speaking at the Hyatt Hotel and if I came there with a camera, he would agree to be interviewed. 

We convinced the Hyatt to give us a free room for the interview if we opened with a shot of the hotel.  It was a one camera shoot.

It went well as you can imagine since by now, you have seen Dr. Chopra on every show imaginable when they feature experts on spirituality.

As he was leaving, he said, “You know my friend Wayne Dyer is in the hotel.  We’re going out for lunch, but we have a little time.  Do you want to interview Wayne?

I was thrilled. Wayne was famous!  I had read all his books fromYour Erroneous Zones which was published in 1976.  I was a groupie. 

I didn’t need to do a minute of research on him. I knew every line he had ever written.

Wayne walked into the room in jeans and a sweater.  He was like someone you knew from high school.  By the time he left, he knew every one of the crew member’s names and had brought free books to everyone.

Of course, it was a wonderful interview.  You’ve seen him on TV.  He is just as relaxed in person as he appears.

Afterwards, Wayne asked me, “Where do you get your authors?”

“I really don’t do authors,” I answered.

“Yes you do.  Authors would kill to be on this show. I’ll have my publicist, Edna, call you.  She’ll send you people.”

And she did.  And other publicists did – and publishing companies.  The publicity business is a small town.  I started getting deluged with books and requests for interviews.

A few years later, Wisdom Television, a new Mind-Body-Spirit cable station heard about my show. They picked it up and started to produce it.  It was on for ten years all over the country.

Wayne Dyer was on again several times. Now we were shooting with four camers in a real studio.  But he was the same guy.  The whole crew always fell in love with him.  He thanked each one by name for working on the show.

Wayne Dyer was the real deal.  He walked the walk that he talked.  Everyone felt at home with him because he spoke from his heart to yours.

And of course, Dr. Chopra became very famous and was on my show several times too.  He deserves my heartfelt thanks for the introduction.

But especially –  thank you, Wayne Dyer. 

Because of you, I ended up on national television.  You changed my life.

I am inviting you to change your life by the teachings of this truly talented and sincere man.

You can keep him alive in your heart by reading the many books he left for us.  Just put his name on Amazon and learn his loving messages through his many books.  He will be with us forever.

My whole family sends condolences to his – especially to his eight children and his many close friends.