FEAR AND THE SMALL STUFF – from Are We Spiritual Yet?

by Corinne

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The envelope looked innocent enough. It was from the Motor Vehicle people. My driver’s license was due to be renewed. Annoying reality. I’m going to have to study the Rules of the Road booklet again.

Wrong. The letter said I had to take a DRIVERS TEST.

What? Why? No accidents or tickets. Why me? I was scared. What if I failed?

Friends reassured me. It was just random. Every once in a while you have to do it. The worst part was they make you parallel park.

No problem. After living in the city, I was good at that. I could get my car into a space where normally you would need a helicopter to drop you in.

  1. I’ll go next week. Tuesday.

Tuesday was raining. Not good.

2, Thursday would be better. Didn’t sleep well the night before. Don’t want to take a test when you are tired.

Next week will be better anyway.

3. Yesterday was beautiful. I had slept well. A good day.

But I realized that I had both last year’s and this year’s city sticker on my windshield.  Illegal. The old one had to come off and I didn’t have a razor blade. They could give you a ticket for that.

Unfortunately, one of my neighbors had one. I scraped it off.

4. Maybe I’ll just go on the Internet for a while. Perhaps later in the day would be better. Less crowded.

Very odd. All the articles on the blogs I read were about procrastination. What was that all about?

Enough already. Put on my sneakers and walk ou the door. Get it done.

Well, I passed. Barely. They had a new test. You had to back up about 200 feet between orange cones without hitting them.

Backing up is not my strong suit. But the lady tester was nice. She gave me two tries.

I am only good at backing away from things that frighten me.

Funny what scares us most is the small stuff.

What small stuff are you sweating?


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