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About Us

Our Goal:
– To offer the best, most efficient, and most affordable business education to individuals, employees, companies, and governments.

Our Vision:
– A future where all people have access to affordable, world-class business education — so they can learn the skills they need to realize their dreams, gain financial security, and help their families, friends, communities, and country.

Our Values:
– To give all people –including those with physical, mental or financial challenges, family responsibilities, work obligations, time limitations, learning problems, or other issues — a chance to get a high quality business education without having to leave home.
– To give people who don’t want to attend a university or never finished university a chance to get a world-class business education.
– To transform companies into world-class organizations by teaching hard, soft and international business skills to their employees.
– To give entrepreneurship training to people so they can develop new products and services, innovate, create jobs, and start companies.
– To give countries the opportunity to provide affordable business education to their citizens so they will contribute to their country’s economic development.
-To provide global business education to as many people as possible so they will develop understanding, respect and appreciation for the world’s different countries and cultures

Our Creation Story  (by Steve Gross, Founder and CEO)

The idea to start BetterThanMba.com goes back to September 11, 2001 — an absolutely horrible day for America — and the day that my career in the Middle East came to an end.Prior to that day, I had plans to do a big project in Saudi Arabia. I had been an international businessman for more than 25 years and had dedicated several years of my life to living and working in the Middle East. But 9/11 changed everything and made me feel it was time for a change.So, I decided to go from the world of international business to the world of teaching. Not in my home country of America but in China of all places. So, at the end of a one-month intensive course in teaching, I found myself at a college teaching international trade. Six months later, I was offered an MBA teaching position at a Chinese university where I taught business communication and real estate finance. Then the SARS epidemic hit China, which became my lucky break as an Australian university offered me the chance to teach their MBA courses in China. Soon after, I got more MBA teaching jobs and worked at a Canadian university and then a French university. I ended up teaching marketing, management, entrepreneurship, and international business.As an MBA professor, I quickly realized how disorganized these MBA programs were. All the courses were offered in uncoordinated ways by professors who had little real business experience and rarely interacted with each other. And I noticed one more remarkable thing. Not once did I see a physically-challenged person on any of the school campuses. They were completely cut off from the school system. I wondered how they got an education.So, thus began the evolution of BetterThanMba.com — that it would offer a business education to those people who could not or did not want to attend a traditional university. In 2003, I firmly decided to create BetterThanMba.com and started researching every important business subject I could think of. Then in 2008, I moved to Malaysia where I locked myself in my bedroom for one year, worked 15-hour days and continued my research full-time. Then, I moved back to China and then home to America where I spent six more years working to create the best and most complete business education program in the world.

My goal was to make BetterThanMba.com available to everyone—and also make it affordable, convenient, practical, and efficient. I also wanted to make the program so easy that anyone could take it even if they had no prior business experience. I decided that instruction would start at the most basic level and then get more advanced in a straightforward, methodical, and streamlined way. I decided to start the program with the most basic question, “What is business?” and then proceed to the main business disciplines of Budgeting, Accounting, Economics, Marketing, Sales, Finance, Investments, Entrepreneurship, Management, Leadership, Teamwork, Business Strategy, International Business, and so on.

I also wanted the program to include subjects not taught at traditional MBA schools — subjects like Critical Thinking, Abstract Reasoning, Emotional Intelligence, Core Competencies, Competitive Advantage, Value Chain Management, High Performance Companies, World Geography, Political and Economic Risk, Country Competitiveness, Global Leadership, Culture, and Foreign Business Customs, to name just a few.

I decided to name the program BetterThanMba.com because I took the traditional approach of an MBA program and made it better, more practical, and more applicable to the real world. That meant that BetterThanMba.com would teach less theory and fewer accounting and economics classes. Instead, BetterThanMba.com would focus on the important skills needed to succeed in today’s super competitive world. I especially wanted people to learn analytical skills so they could analyze customers, competitors, industries, companies, investments, economies, and even countries.

I also wanted to create the best Entrepreneurship course so that people would have the greatest chance of success when they started their own businesses. After all, entrepreneurship is the best hope for people who don’t have jobs and I couldn’t bear the thought of them failing. So, this course just had to be the best!

And to create future leaders, I decided that BetterThanMba.com would teach moral, principled leadership and emotional intelligence. I decided that the two best leaders to use were Abraham Lincoln and Mahatma Gandhi. And to really make things lively, I decided that Steve Jobs (for all his good and bad) would be the third leader in the leadership course.

I also wanted BetterThanMba.com’s international business education to be the best. As I have worked in more than 20 countries and lived in nine countries, I am aware that we live in a globalized world that requires an understanding and respect of different countries and cultures. I know how important it is for people today to develop global mindsets. So, I decided that BetterThanMba.com would teach subjects like globalization, international trade, world geography, country analysis, international economics, political and economic risk, foreign direct investment, country competitiveness, global branding, international marketing, global leadership, multiculturalism, foreign business customs, and global business strategies.

As it is now 2015, I am happy to say that BetterThanMba.com has succeeded in creating the best, most complete and most affordable business education in the world. Our program teaches every important business subject at the highest level of quality and is priced as low as possible to make it available to everyone. Our program also offers maximum convenience as all our courses are on video on our website. Very importantly, our entire program can be finished in 56 hours.

In closing, BetterThanMba.com was created to give people the business skills, confidence, and self-esteem to do something productive with their lives. Therefore, I dedicate this program to all the people who are trying to better themselves, realize their dreams, and help their families, friends, communities, and countries. I also dedicate this program to all the companies that are trying to upgrade the skills of their employees and all the country leaders who truly care about the education and welfare of their citizens.

At BetterThanMba.com, we look forward to helping your dreams come true. So, we hope you sign up for our world-class business education. It will definitely improve your life!

Good luck in our program!

Very truly yours,
Steve Gross
Founder and CEO

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