AN INTERVIEW! And scared to death.

by Corinne

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Write Your Book - Publish Your Book - Promote Your BookCHAPTER ELEVEN – SOMEONE WANTS TO INTERVIEW YOU


(and scary)

When I was doing interviews for Wisdom Television, I was like a dog with a bone. I not only read every book of every author, I dug into all their other books, read all the reviews. I knew more about them than their own mothers.

I thought every interviewer did that.


Now I had a book to sell. And I was in for a shock.

I got a lot of requests for interviews from my publisher,  Not small stations. Big ones in New York and San Francisco – all over the country. They were done by phone.

Only a few had looked at my press kit and almost no one had opened the book.  I had even included some questions they could ask me to help them.

I think most of these people did not know who they were interviewing until a few minutes before the show.

The first question was invariably this –

“So, what’s your book about?”


I realized I had to design my own interview to get the ball rolling. What some people call a “thirty second.elevator pitch.”

You have to give enough information about your book so that the interviewer had some fodder to ask follow up questions.

My book was called A Woman Without A Man.. Here’s an example of how I answered.

“My book, A Woman Without A Man is a book about a young widow facing life as a single. But it is not a book about grief. It is a book about entering society that you have not experienced for years.”

And all the rules of being single have changed.

That gives the interviewer an entrance to at least ask “How?”

I would answer – (GOD! There is a whole half hour to fill up with this person)

That gives the interviewer an opening to ask more questions.

I am not going to go through an entire interview with you but just to give you an idea of how you have to take control of the interview.

You probably have some stories in your book. Tell them.

You can turn almost any odd question over with something like, “That reminds me of something in my book that was (interesting – funny-informative – you choose)

You can’t do this off the cuff. You actually have to make a script for yourself and practice and practice – maybe with a friend who can feed you questions.

It’s almost like designing a speech. In segments.

In short –


Be sure to bring up the title of the book several times in the interview. Just casually

Then end with a promo for yourself. Especially if you can see you are not going to get it from this interviewer.

“It was really fun being with you today. I hope your audience will be interested in knowing how to get my book, A Woman Without A Man.”

 Then tell them.

Be sure to be gracious and thank the person, by name, for having you on.

That’s the framework.

Does it sound shameless?

It is.

Can you do it?  Sure you can.


This is an excerpt only

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Par Donahue
March 6, 2014 at 1:02 pm

Thanks for another boost in the arm. We all need them. Your story reminded me of and interview on a Religious Television Station. The publisher had sent her the book “Messengers in Denim”, and my Bio. The interview opened, she looked at the cover of the book and exclaimed, “Oh, you’re a Medical Doctor.” Actually it turned out to be a great interview, and I returned a couple of months later for another.
The hardest interview I ever had was on an on-line radio show. The host of the show told me she was speaking from her cell phone on her way to Los Angelus. The program was broadcast from North Carolina. She reminded me that if her phone lost contact, not to worry, she would be right back. About 10 minutes into a great interview she failed to answer when I finished a story and it was soon apparent she was not on line. I talked for about 35 minutes to myself and the audience. Finally, with just a few minutes left of an hour show, she came back on. After the show she called to apologize and told me she was using her husbands phone and must have bumped the off button with her chin but didn’t realize I was doing it alone for a long time. (Long time to me was a lot longer than long time to her.) We had a good laugh and I’m due on her show again. Better luck this time!


Corinne Edwards
March 10, 2014 at 2:18 pm

Dear Par –

As usual, you are a great storyteller. She was lucky that you skyjacked her show even though she was not aware of it.

In a way, sometimes it is what we have to do with an interviewer who has not done homework on our work.

I met some really good interviewers on my book but I am sad to tell you there were only a few. And I had at least 50 interviews my publisher had arranged and furnished with my book and press kit which included sample questions.
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