A COURSE IN MIRACLES – and terminal illness – Guest author – Sheila Morrison, Ph.D.

by Corinne

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It was a short comment on one of my articles.  Saying thanks for some interesting posts..

And then – THE QUESTION.

How does A Course in Miracles help someone who has been told he has a terminal disease?

Although I have studied the Course, I decided to turn the question over to my close friend, Sheila Morrison.  Sheila has been a facilitator for several study groups every week in Chicago for years and has studied with Dr. Kenneth Wapnick, the renowned interpreter of A Course in Miracles.

Here is her answer:

“When facing difficult, difficult events in our lives, the first thing we want to do is to be very honest with ourselves.  We want to look at all the feelings and thoughts that we have – the anger, the injustice, and the sadness.

The Course tells us that there is no death; that it is a mistake to think that our life began when our body was born and that it will end when we let this body go.

We don’t want to spiritualize our way out of our feelings.  This would only serve to skip the classroom that can ultimately bring us a greater peace than we have known in the past.

Our life exists outside of time and space and we project all of our experiences onto the body.  We over identify with this body to the point that we believe we are a body.  Just like when we go to the movies, we identify with the characters on the screen.  When they are sad, we sit in our chair and we feel sad, we cry.  When they are vindicated, we feel triumphant.  If the character is treated unfairly, we are angry.

Nothing is really happening to us, yet we feel all these emotions as if they were really happening to us. This is the same thing we have done with the body.  We are mind – over identified with the body to the point that we really think these things are happening to us.  This is something that we can consider intellectually, but it is very hard to really grasp that I’m not a body – particularly when our body are failing us.

The course says that it is practically impossible to deny the body – and that it is a particularly unworthy use of denial.

If that is the case, what is it that I’m supposed to do?

I hold in my thoughts that I am something more than a body, but I don’t want to deny what I’m experiencing.  This experience is my classroom.  It is through looking at all the aspects of my experience that I will eventually learn that my peace is not dependent on my body.

I ask for help from my inner teacher (Jesus, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, whatever symbol works for you) and ask myself what is this for?  If I am projecting this onto my body, what purpose does it serve?

So I don’t deny what I’m experiencing and I am as gentle with myself as I can be.  I take comfort from family and friends.  I avail myself to whatever help that’s available.

And as I go thru all the myriad of emotions and thoughts, I watch them and I learn from them and I don’t judge myself.”

A Course in Miracles is a spiritual thought system.  Not a religion.  It operates under the premise that there are thousands of ways to God – and they are all good.

The questioner in this article is obviously in pain.  There are many like him. Maybe you.  If not now, SOMEDAY.    We are not going to get out of this world alive as we know it.

We welcome your viewpoint and your feedback.  Please add your comments below.  This subject is important to all of us.  We need your advice and comfort.

We need to support each other.

Sheila Morrison, Ph.D, is licensed clinical psychologist who has a practice in Chicago.  She has lead ACIM groups at two locations for many years.  For further information on her practice or the study groups of A Course in Miracles, she can be contacted personally at silemo at aol.com. (This is spelled out to discourage spammers – add the usual @ to contact Sheila)

Course in Miracles introduction

Video interview with Dr. Kenneth and Gloria Wapnick

Photo by Miracles One

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Being the Change I Wish to See - Sherri
June 23, 2009 at 10:22 pm


“We are not going to get out of this world alive as we know it.”

That’s the ultimate truth. No matter what, we aren’t getting out of here in our current form, so we need to make peace with it.

Great article,
.-= Being the Change I Wish to See – Sherri´s last blog ..Origins of Influenza A (H1N1) and Precautions =-.


Elaine August 16, 2010 at 9:43 am

HI, enjoyed your article. I am interested in why babies are born with serious and terminal illness. Any thoughts?


sad songs March 14, 2011 at 4:20 am

Excellent……….enjoyed your post ……i got the same question of elaine…..
sad songs recently posted..Quote by DariusMy Profile


lavazza espresso November 22, 2011 at 2:09 am

enjoyed your article. I am interested in why babies are born with serious and terminal illness. Any thoughts?


Inge Brand March 24, 2012 at 6:39 am

Wow, these are some really inspiring words. Your friend Sheila really knows what she is talking about. I’m definitly going to take a look at ‘A course in miracles’.
Inge Brand recently posted..Years 100 – 300My Profile


mma December 31, 2012 at 3:56 am

I am so glad I found this great Yale site. I found some very relevant information on forestry and related issues which will definitely further my reserach in snow throwers!


Paul Shepherd April 17, 2013 at 3:51 am

MY God! You just change the way I looked at life. To be true, You opened completely a new outlook towards life. You said it true, everybody is in pain. If not now than someday they will experience it.


ACIM June 17, 2017 at 5:42 pm

A Course in Miracles works directly with the mind to release all thoughts of judgment, guilt, sickness, fear, and death (the ego thought-system) through forgiveness and miracles. This mind-training program brings you into a deeper relationship with your internal teacher, so it can guide you through this cleansing and purifying process. This returns the mind back to its natural, awakened state.


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