Sales, Lies and Naked TruthsChapter four –


I have had a couple of questions about why I am writing about sales when my usual topic is “Personal Growth.”

I was a sales trainer for fifteen years and it is one of my interests.  Here’s why.

My view is that you cannot concentrate solely on growing spiritually when we live in the physical world.  It would be easy if we were monks and lived on a mountain-top and could spend all our time meditating and praying for world peace.

But it is hard to concentrate on self-improvement if the wolf is at your door.

Most of us are in the trenches of paying a mortgage, credit card debt, gas prices and the looming impending college expenses for our children.

Our spiritual awareness must make way for the practical. Our basic need for success in our work must be met as long as we are coming from a place of integrity.  It is not spiritual to be poor.  Somehow, we must learn to combine the physical with the spiritual.  It is a challenge.  By me, that is personal growth.

Whatever field you are in involves sales.

You may say, “Not me, I’m an accountant.”  Please.  Don’t you have to keep your clients satisfied with your work?  Do you ever thank them for their business or tell them you enjoy working with them?  If you don’t, someone else may come along who does.  That is sales.

You are the foreman on a construction site. You never have contact with the customer.  But, motivating your crew with a few sincere compliments to get the job completed expertly and on time is sales.

Even if you are a stay-at-home Mom and your greatest challenge today (except for your children) is you are in charge of the annual bake sale for the PTA.  It involves selling.  You can’t do it alone.

You are dependent on other mothers to bake those cupcakes.  These women are not being paid to do it so your success as the Chairperson of the event – or in any other endeavor in life is all about two things.

Appreciation and recognition.

Those are sales techniques. Your associates, in any business, are hungry for those basic needs. They are scarce commodities in this world.  Praise for work well done is avoided.

I have heard business people say it is not a smart idea because their employees may ask for a raise and they can’t afford to give it to them.  Maybe.  But my experience is that it makes them work harder and with more enthusiasm.

Most of us get precious little appreciation and recognition in many areas of our lives.  Sometimes, we feel so alone.

When someone you value honors what you do, you feel part of something.
Necessary.  Important.  Included.

And, yes, even loved.  Perhaps, we are each other’s guardian angels.

When you contribute to someone feeling loved, you are a successful salesperson.

And, yes, you are working on your personal growth.

ce computer    This chapter is an excerpt.

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salesliesnewThis ain’t your Daddy’s sales manual. It bears little resemblance to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – or at the other extreme, Donald Trump’s book, Think Big and Kick Ass…

This is geared toward you – the salesperson in the action – whether you are brand new, a multi-millionaire success or a candidate for the lead in the Death of a Salesman.

The sales game has changed. The tactics used in the past of hammering the deal home do not apply any more. No more “kick ass.” Those sales techniques are LIES.

Talk to your friends.

Better still,  look at yourself.

Whether you are at a car dealership, shopping for a computer or a new shirt,  you hate high pressure, arm-wrestling selling.

Today’s buyer will walk in a minute.

We are in the age of the educated consumer.  We have already done the research.  We are on line constantly and pretty much know in advance what we are looking for and what we will have to pay for it.

As a salesman, you are competing and your customer has an allocated budget.

Consumers buy from people they like and enjoy and it is possible you can get more than your share of that budget.

There are few sales books like this who take you and your life into the equation.

Written for you by someone who knows where you’ve been and where you want to go.

The question is not whether a consumer will buy what you have to sell.

This is the NAKED TRUTH.

It is whether they decide to buy it from YOU.


 Chapter one –


 My son,  Paul,  got a job with a large chain of guitar stores. He had never worked in a retail organization before. The pay was based on a small salary plus commission.

They put him through an extensive sales training.

 It was the usual hardball ;stuff on how to approach a customer, present the product and mostly, of course, nail the deal. Make the sale.

It was almost like a car dealer’s pitch, “Do you want the red car or the white?”

He wasn’t doing well. To make matters worse, they had an embarrassing gimmick.

A photographer was based in the parking lot and instructed to take a picture of every customer who exited without a package.

These photos were posted on what they called “The Be Back” board in the employees lounge. Many of the “I’ll be back” customers were his.

Paul dropped by for coffee one morning.

“Mom, you used to be a sales trainer. What am I doing wrong? What’s the key?”

“The key is that you have to love those people you are selling.  Never count the commission in your mind. Do what is best for them if they are just buying some strings or an expensive guitar.”
I went on –“I believe that 99% of communication is mental. People sense if you are coming to them with a loving attitude or as a desperate salesman looking to close them.”

He said he’d try it.

His sales increased, then, they really escalated.

He became the top salesman in the store. And his salary reflected it.

(One of his buddies tipped him off that the management was so surprised that they started to watch him carefully to make sure he was not giving merchandise away)
In six months, he was one of the top ten salesmen in the entire chain around the country.
This company gives an extravagant party once a year to honor their top ten salespeople. Limos, deluxe hotel, elegant dinner – the works.

Paul was of course included.

After the dinner, the president of the company approached him.

“Paul, how did you do this? You came up out of nowhere.”

Paul answered, “I don’t want to tell you. You won’t believe me.”
“Of course I’ll believe you. Tell me.”
Paul gulped. “I started loving the people who come in.”
The big boss replied, “Okay Paul, now tell me how you REALLY did it.”

Do you love your customers?


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