CROP BookCover media creation v2 150x150 PUBLICITY   HOW TO GET IT   from Media Creation on AmazonChapter Eight – Publicity

So – finally – you have a book deal or a program promoter.


With visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, you are dreaming of glamorous cocktail parties for the press, an appearance on O, book signings at major bookstores, first class air, limousines, luxury hotels and media coaching.

Not so fast.

If you didn’t have a “platform,” it is unlikely that they would have bought your book in the first place.

A platform is your ability to promote your own book -  maybe through a blog, a social network with a following, are a well known speaker – something…

If you don’t have a platform, you will have to build one.

It doesn’t matter if you are William Shakespeare reincarnated or have written the last great American novel.

Unless you are a tested and true celebrity author who has delivered millions of sales in the past or a major media political figure with an expose – you will be expected to do most of the publicity work yourself.

And pay your expenses.

This is nothing new. Except for the super stars, the majority of authors who were featured on my national cable show paid their own way to Chicago.

Some publicity departments for your publisher will help some.  Their budgets are lean these days.

They may send out press releases, offer free review copies to prospective radio, TV and journalists who request them.

They may send you to the Book Expo convention.  If they get you a ticket – GO.  Pay the airfare and hotel.  It is worth it. If they don’t, buy a ticket to the show. There are exhibitors who may sell you a portion of their booth so you can promote in their space.

One exception. I guarantee you if you happen to interest O or The View, they will pay to get you there. Otherwise, it is up to you.

Having a publisher buy your book has one big advantage. They have a sales distribution system which will get your book in stores.

That is HUGE. And the stores which have stocked your book will welcome you to come in to speak and sign books so they can sell them.

There are several other ways for you to get publicity and the following applies whether you have a publisher, are self published or have written an E-book.

It is also applicable to a program or course you have developed to sell.

Some ideas -

You can hire your own professional publicist. Just as an estimate, this would cost between $1500. to much more with a usual minimum contract of six months.

The price reflects how much clout they have with print media, TV and radio stations and which authors they have represented before.

They will prepare press releases, make the calls, send out books and make appointments for you.

 It is best to hire someone several months before your book actually comes out.

They will probably suggest a media coach.

You will want to do some research on the Internet to see whether they are experienced with the type of book you have.

They all have web pages. You can also get recommendations from your publisher and even other authors.


You can be your own publicist. You can feature your book on your own blog.

You can work out an affiliate program with other blogger friends.

Publish your own book on Kindle or Createspace.  Kindle is digital and Createspace is a paperback.  They are owned by Amazon and are FREE.

Even if you are a non tech person, like me, you can figure out how to do it.

If your work is lengthy, make it a series.

Use social networks to get the word out like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or forums. Call in your buddies to feature you – and  retweet you. You’ve helped them in the past.

Write an article based on your book and send it to your local newspaper. Find out in advance how many words are ideal for them. If they have a slow news day they might just plug it in.

Advertise in RTIR . It is a magazine that goes to thousands of media outlets. Not really cheap but I got many interviews out of it. I started with three months.

Getting on national or cable TV or a major radio station show is more of a challenge.

 But use any contacts you have and you may get lucky. Have a slick looking press kit to send out with a professional head shot of yourself..

Find out who the decision maker is and write directly to that person. Get the spelling and their title right. Snail Priority Mail is still used. Don’t waste money on overnight FedEx. No one will be impressed.

If you use E-mail you should consider doing a cut and paste besides an attachment. Some producers will not download a file.

Speak. Speak. Speak. Bookstores are a given. But – according to the relevance of your topic – what about Rotary, Lions, University clubs, Condo Associations? These unpaid and overworked program chairpeople are always looking for speakers.

If you can garner a crowd, a book store or non-for profit may handle “back of the room” sales. Especially if they give a donation to these charity based organizations.

Your web address is on your business card, right?

Don’t overlook Public Access Television in your town or a larger town. . Start looking at the local shows and approach producers who look like they might have interest in your topic.

Internet radio, like Blog Talk Radio, is a great way to get publicity. There are thousands of shows now.  Look for someone who features your topic.

Contact them individually by name and make reference to the shows you have heard them do.

No mass emails please. Only approach producers who interview similar topics.  You don’t want to contact a sports show if your subject is archeology. Offer to send them a copy of your work on request.

If they don’t answer, contact them again. Mention you are available on short notice. Some guests cancel late.

Don’t be shy. Keep asking. You are doing them a favor by filling their space.

Start your own show on one of the Internet radio stations. Most are free and will allow you to promote your own products.

 Ask your talented friends to come on and interview you. Then return the favor. Everyone is selling something these days.

Or, do a one man show.

One of the advantages of the Internet radio stations is they usually allow you to post the show to your blog or web page.

 So it keeps on giving even if you don’t have a lot of audience at first. People can listen later.

Does publicity sound like a lot of work to you? It is.

You will learn a lot. Your next book publicity program will be a snap. You will be your own media coach.

Writing your book has been the hard part.

Getting your book out there is even harder.  This is business.

Are you up to it?

You know you want to hear the rest of the story.

It is time to buy the book.

Will you?

This is an excerpt from-

BookCover media creation v2 CROP 150x150 PUBLICITY   HOW TO GET IT   from Media Creation on Amazon

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Sales Lies and Naked Truths 150x150 ARGUMENT FOR ONE   How To Win   from Sales, Lies and Naked Truths   on Amazon

Chapter seven


It’s 2 AM and you are in a big argument.

The offensive person is not here.  You are alone.

It started with –

“Who do you think you are?”

“You have some nerve!”


“You can’t talk to me like that!”


“You can take this relationship  (or job) and shove it!”

One big thing is missing.  The person you are arguing with is not there.  They are probably having a peaceful night.

This is an argument for one in your head.

You need to turn it off but you can’t.  You need to get up early but you can’t stop.  The clock is ticking.  It is now 3 AM.

OK.  This is advice you don’t want to hear.  Get out of bed.  Nothing is going to improve or be solved with you turning and tossing in the dark and reviewing and reviewing the offenses in your head.

Get a yellow pad and a pen.  Go into the living room and close the drapes.  You don’t want your neighbors to see this crazed person in pajamas with that wild mop of hair.

Sit down and write out your mad.  Curse.  Use every bit of profanity you’ve ever heard.  Tell them off.  You don’t deserve this type of treatment.  You are mad.  Don’t worry about punctuation.  Every grievance must be poured out on that paper.  Groggy and exhausted as you are – write and write and write for fifteen or twenty minutes without stopping.  This is not a letter.  This is an exorcism.

It could also be a review of a confrontation you’ve already had.  In that case, write all the “I should have said’s” down.

It’s almost 4 AM now.  You are exhausted.

It’s time to get back into bed.  You’ll probably be able to sleep now.  You have it all down on paper.  You have won the argument.

A few morning rules:

1.  Do not reread what you wrote.

2.  Under no conditions are you to mail the letter.

3.  Destroy the paper.  Tear it up and throw it in the garbage. Or burn it.

4.  Make a firm resolve that you will never have an argument with a person not present again.

Today you will make some decisions.  No one is worth that much free rent in your head.

Tonight you will sleep like a baby.

How do you handle arguments for one?

This is an excerpt -

If you are in sales (and we all are) you need this book

Sales Lies and Naked Truths 150x150 ARGUMENT FOR ONE   How To Win   from Sales, Lies and Naked Truths   on Amazon

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