ghost-without-a-life-220x220A fiction ghost story. This quirky comedy features a deceased husband who disrupts his widow’s life by refusing to leave the earth. The story opens in a funeral parlor where a car-salesman type of director is trying to sell the widow an expensive coffin. The ghost of her husband arrives to insist, “I will not pay that kind of money for this funeral.” The pretty widow is hampered in her adjustment as a single woman by the ghost of her husband who refuses to admit he is dead. The dark comedy includes an unlikely, hypochondriac angel who has been sent by the other side to fetch him (a former theatrical agent on his first earth assignment) the relationships of four women in a dysfunctional travel agency, a teenage son – and after a series of “dates from hell” – a new love interest for the widow who turns out to be a fraud. And, yes, after the ghost learns some metaphysical truths, the angel gets his man to the other side. But, will he stay?Click here now and buy in Kindle or paperback.
Are We Spiritual YetThis is not a religious book. There are many paths to spirituality – Infinite Intelligence, All That Is, Organized Religion or Atheism that are all valid. We all try to be good and compassionate people whatever our backgrounds or who we have become as we grow -. – As long as we are not hurting anyone else and trying to be kind and compassionate – including to ourselves. We are usually the last on the list. When I had a national cable TV show on Wisdom Television, I interviewed self help and self improvement authors. More than 400 of them. Many of them regarded as famous gurus. One of my challenges was I soon realized they were all saying the same thing in a different way. My job was to read their books and find that different “nugget” I could build an interview around. Sometime, I had to really dig to find it. The chapters in this book tend toward that goal. You may find a nugget that helps you in your journey towards how to build a happier and more fulfilling life. Take what is good and resonates with you and leave the rest. I stole most of the ideas from those authors anyway. I can’t give them individual credit, except a few quotes here and there, because they all run together. But they make up what I believe today. So thanks to all of them for contributing to my education. My intention is that you find one A-HAH moment within this book you can use.
WHEN YOUR HUSBAND HAS DIED - A Survival GuideIf you are a widow – even a new one – hold on to your hat – you will find unvarnished truth that will make you feel you are sitting in your kitchen with a best friend. Everything from money to children, moving, depression, feeling paralyzed with fear and grief, getting out and finally – even the thought of (gasp!) dating again. This is a book on handling the loss of a husband written for widows by a widow and covers the practical challenges in adjusting. Most books on grieving are based on spirituality alone and do not answer the question, “But what do I do tonight?” It discusses things you think about but rarely share. And how to handle advice from so many people who are well-meaning but useless in being helpful. Inspired by a blog post, it is expanded from 2000 words to a full book. Over 3000 widows have contributed their stories anonymously to that post. It is dedicated to them who I have come to love the way they love, support and comfort each other. This book was needed – so I wrote it for you.Click here now and buy in paperback
Write Your Book - Publish Your Book - Promote Your BookWhen I was doing publicity for my books, I met many people at book signings, on television and radio shows – and believe it not, on the street or in a supermarket who told me the same thing. “As soon as I have time – or when I retire, I am going to write a book. I have an idea that I think is very interesting.” I always had the same answer for them. “Nobody has time. If you want to be a writer I have a one word for you. Write.” They always looked at me a little doubtfully and it occurred to me that people just don’t know where to start. Starting is the hardest part. But, you have already started if you have an idea. Books are never written overnight. They develop as they go along. You could almost liken it to taking a whole steak and trying to swallow it. You have to cut it piece by piece to eat it. By the time you are finished, you have had dinner. The other objection is that the starting has to be perfect. Every word, every punctuation mark. Most authors will tell you that you should not edit a book until it is finished. You are not going to be ready to show your new baby to the world until you give birth so the beginning is to write it for yourself. You’ve had a great idea for a book in your head for a long time – or a memoir you would like to pass on to your children or grandchildren. But, you are waiting for that big slot of time – for retirement – or a break in your hectic schedule. This book will inspire you to start it now. In little pieces. All you need is a manila folder. Throw in a sentence while you are waiting at the dentist, on hold with an airline – even a long stoplight. You may get an idea for a paragraph one night when you can’t sleep. Small fragments, in no special order, can add up to a full manuscript. You can put the pieces together later. This book also includes information on finding an agent, publishing your own book and how to promote it.Click here now and buy in paperback
Sales, Lies and Naked TruthsThis ain’t your Daddy’s sales manual. It bears little resemblance to Napoleon Hill’s Think and Grow Rich – or at the other extreme, Donald Trump’s book, Think Big and Kick Ass… This is geared toward you – the salesperson in the action – whether you are brand new, a multi-millionaire or a candidate for the lead in the Death of a Salesman. The sales game has changed. The tactics used in the past of hammering the deal home do not apply any more. No more “kick ass.” Those sales techniques are LIES. Talk to your friends. Whether they are at a car dealership or shopping for a computer or a new shirt, they hate high pressure, arm-wrestling selling. Today’s buyer will walk in a minute. We are in the age of the educated consumer. They have already done the research. They are on line constantly. They know pretty much in advance what they are looking for and what they will have to pay for it. You are competing and your customer has an allocated budget. Consumers buy from people they like and enjoy and it is possible you can get more than your share of that budget. There are few sales books like this who take you and your life into the equation. Written for you by someone who knows where you’ve been and where you want to go. The question is not whether a consumer will buy what you have to sell. This is the NAKED TRUTH. It is whether they decide to buy it from YOU.Click here now and buy in paperback
A Woman Without A ManA natural storyteller and humorist, Corinne Edwards welcomes you to her world in this unapologetic memoir. Sharing poetry and letters she writes to relatives, friends and assorted strangers, she allows you to be an eavesdropper on her most personal feeling, fears, regrets, heartbreak, hilarious escapades and realizations, she invites as many laughs as tears. The most common comments from readers is “I could not put this book down.”Click here now and buy in paperback
Love Waits on Welcome: ...And Other MiraclesThis is an everyday interpretation of A Course In Miracles, which is a spiritual thought system, not a religion. Corinne Edwards has faciliated the “Course” in groups for ordinary people and for our brothers in jail. Many of her experiences volunteering at Cook County Jail will surprise you and amaze you. James Kavanaugh Ph.D., the best selling author of many books makes this comment on the back cover. “If you are seeking peace and healing in your life or that of a loved one, this inspiring book will become a well worn part of your spiritual library. It startled me with its power, depth and clarity.
Media Creation
Sweaty palms? Ears clogged up so you can’t hear your own voice? You are a great writer and enjoy speaking in small groups. You are a communicator. But you just reviewed your latest interview or podcast and you hated it. You are cringing at the result. More and more podcasting, video blogging and interviews are being done on the Internet. You are being too hard on yourself. You just need a little coaching to tweak your work and you come off as a true professional. There is help in this book. I was a national talk show host/producer on television and radio for Wisdom Television. I hosted over 400 interviews. I learned how to grab interest from my opening line. And how to follow up with the right questions. Questions your listener would want your guest to answer. Among the personalities I have interviewed are Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Robert Bly, Judith Viorst, Les Brown, Jean Houston – I could go on and on. It was a wonderful opportunity. My interest now is in helping you with what I know about media coaching – whether you are a speaker, an interviewer or are have been invited for an interview. It’s scary if you are doing the interview. And one of the worst nightmares is if you are the one on the other end. What do you do if the interviewer is not familiar with your topic? They have not prepared. This is more common than you think. How do you handle that? I will teach you how to give the interview no matter what they don’t ask you.Click here now and buy in paperback
Love On The Rocks - Bad Relationships - Good EndingsWho among us has not thought they would die from a broken heart? And we are sure we will never be normal again. This book is a compilation of stories that range from a husband wanting a divorce, to the “Big Fix” of trying to plug the big vacant space with a new person right away. It rarely works but the experience may help us define what it is that we really want. Included in the book is an unusual program for prostitutes which the author conducted in conjunction with the Chicago Court system. It was the first self esteem program of its kind in the country. You will know more about those poor women than you ever dreamed of knowing – including that they hate sex. Many of you readers, whether a woman or a man, will find a piece of their heartbreak within this book. We are not so unique when it comes to handling bad relationships badly. But the book ends with hope that we can be happy again.Click here now and buy in paperback 
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At first, I had a lot of attention from friends. I was included in activities just as I had when I was married.

Then, slowly, it started to change. I was still invited to the big parties but not to the dinner parties or the pizza on Friday nights. That seemed to be just for couples. I still had a relationship with the “girls” for lunch and I spent time with my kids but it left many evenings open.

The absence of the stress and medical crisis I had shared with my husband for years had left this big void – a big empty space. I tried to remember what occupied my time before it all happened. I realized for the first time that this is a couple’s world.

Going to a wedding or a big occasion was torture. There you are all dressed up sitting alone at an empty table with no one asking you to dance.

Did you get a lot more advice now? I did.

“When are you going to sell the house? It’s too big for you.”

“Life goes on you know.”

You’re still attractive. Get out there and find someone.”

“Watch out for the gold-diggers. They are looking for someone like you.”

“Get involved in some activities. You’ll meet some new people.”

“You should join a widow’s support group.”“Have you thought about working at something different? It would be good for you to get out.”

“You should travel more. Get out there.”

Everything seemed to have something to do about getting out. I owned a travel agency at the time so I did have a job.

But I found myself longing to go home to my big chair in the living room. I thought about that chair all day. It was a safe place. And I didn’t want to travel alone.

After a few months as a recluse in my house, I thought maybe I should venture out a little.  Suppose they were all right?”’

Are you ready to give up your “chair? – or whatever is  holding your past?



This is an excerpt.

You can find the full book here.

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WHEN YOU CANT FORGIVE – from Are We Spiritual Yet? – on Amazon

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WHY NOT WRITE A MEMOIR? – from Write Your Book – Publish Your Book – Promote Your Book

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THE MEANING OF MEMORIAL DAY – by Alexander Edwards

Tweet   His unit was ambushed at dawn. Small arms fire whizzed by like a hard rain. There were yells to take cover. His luck ran out when he was hit. Three  slugs right in the chest. His helmet flew off and rolled down a hill. He hit the ground grabbing his chest. All he […]

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Tweet      My friend, barely five feet tall, was struggling to load two large groceries bags into her apartment elevator. Before she pushed her floor button, a tall, nicely dressed African American man joined her in the elevator. The elevator reached her floor with a bump and one of the bags fell over. The groceries […]

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