Lipofsky Pippen.jpg     My friend, barely five feet tall, was struggling to load two large groceries bags into her apartment elevator.

Before she pushed her floor button, a tall, nicely dressed African American man joined her in the elevator.

The elevator reached her floor with a bump and one of the bags fell over.

The groceries were scattered all over the elevator floor.

The man put the elevator on hold and carefully and neatly repacked the groceries in the empty bag.

I’ll be glad to carry your groceries to your door.

She hesitated.

“I have never seen you before.  Do you live in the building?”

No.  Just visiting a friend here.

“I could really use some help”

The man picked up the heavy bags as though they were filled with feathers.

As they walked down the corridor, she looked up at him.

“You are really tall.”

Yes, I am.

“You should play basketball.”

Actually, I did. My name is Scottie Pippin.  I played with the Chicago Bulls for a number of years.

“I don’t follow sports but I remember something about that.”

They were now at her apartment door.

“I was going to offer you a tip but you probably don’t need it.”

He laughed.  No, I don’t.

Thank you so much for helping me.  I really appreciate it.”

He smiled that also famous sweet smile.

No problem.  Glad to help.

He waved as he got back into the elevator.

This is a nice story because Scottie Pippin is a well known person.

Have you done one small act of kindness today?

It’s not too late.


About Corinne


ghost cover

This novel started as a script.

I had never written a script before but I thought it was going to be easy.  Just people talking to each other, right?

WRONG.  So very wrong.


My son, Paul Van Name, had graduated from USC Cinema in Los Angeles.  Probably the most famous film school in the world.  He said he would help me.  He had no idea what he was in for.


I knew this much.  It had to be in a screenwriter’s format so I bought the software.  I was off to the Golden Globes awards.


For six months, I heard this from him at least 200 times. A new way of thinking and writing for me.

“You can describe a scene of course.  Or a person.”

“You can’t talk about what someone is thinking or feeling.  If you can’t see it or hear it, it is not a movie.”

I had much more to learn.  I was aiming for a” Movie of the Week for a channel like Lifeline. At the end of each segment there had to be what Paul called a “Hook.”  An ending that would pull the viewer back after a commercial break to see what happened next. And it had to be a certain length.  Each page, I learned was a minute.  It could not be longer than 100 minutes.

FINALLY, it was finished.  Paul said it was a good commercial piece.  And that my dialogue was good.

I posted it on a good script selling site called and right away I got about six offers to option it.  For no money.  My attorney said ” no money – no option.”   I also got a few producers who read the script and said it wasn’t what they were looking for but I had a talent for dialogue so let them know if I had anything else to offer. It is still available.

Anything ELSE?  I was exhausted.

Accidently, I stumbled on the middle of a podcast interview.  The guest was a woman from Los Angeles who had a school to teach newcomers how to write scripts.  She had a question box.

I asked her, “Can you turn a script into a novel?

She answered immediately.

“Absolutely. The hardest thing to teach a new script writer is how to write dialogue.  You already have the dialogue.  Now, go back and expand your script about 50 pages and you will have a novel.”


If you are sick of slash and burn, car chases and things blowing up, you might find it a refreshing change.  You can read the original script here.

Curious about how we turned it into a novel?

We followed a lot of the script, as she suggested, and added to the story.  Many new twists and turns and a different ending.


It is published on Amazon both in Kindle and Paperback.  You can find your copy here.


gHOST PICTURE 150x150 A GHOST WITHOUT A LIFE   By Corinne Edwards and Paul Van Name

Corinne Edwards has traveled several life paths, from business owner to sales trainer, author, blogger, lecturer, media coach and TV producer.

 She is the author of A Woman Without A Man, Reflections from a Woman Alone, Low Pain Threshold, Love Waits on Welcome . . . and other miracles, Sales,Lies and Naked Truths, Are We Spiritual Yet, When Your Husband Has Died – A Survival Guide, Love On The Rocks – Bad Relationships – Good Endings and Media Creation.

The descriptions of all the books, also on Amazon, can be found here.

 She produced and hosted 400 shows on national cable called Book Tours with Corinne Edwards for Wisdom Television.

Paul Van Name is a graduate of USC Cinema and coordinated and instructed for their program at Universal Studios, eventually joining the staff at Universal in their production department.

He has co-produced and directed more than 400 shows for Wisdom Television.

He supplemented his college costs as a feature writer for magazines and since has written many articles on the entertainment industry.

He enjoys collecting guitars and working on vintage Ford automobiles.





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