The happiest of years to you -

much better than the last.

A year your heart will find a home

beside a quiet hearth.

I hope the waterfall of life

becomes a gentle rain,

to cleanse your wounds,

dim your scars,

and rinse away your pain.

My secret dreams come true enough

to satisfy your heart,

but, if you stumble, someone’s there

to hold you in the dark.

I wish you time for laughing,

for books, and songs to sing,

breezy nights to sleep in,

and the peace good health can bring.

But most of all,

I wish you love,

to have,

to give,

to share.

In short I wish you everything.

The happiest of years!




With love,

Corinne Edwards

This is a poem from my first book, Low Pain Threashold,

(Probably found in used books)


??????????By Corinne Edwards and Paul Van Name

Megan is stretching out on a mat next to two women at her health club. She is listening to their conversation.

“It cost Sylvia $40,000.00 but I’ll tell you, her own mother wouldn’t recognize her. She had EVERYTHING done – face – boobs – tummy tuck and a fanny lift.”

“I hear she is dating a 38 year architect. She’s 60 if she is a day.”

Megan is thinking. “It sure would be nice to have that kind of extra money.”

The ghost of Julius is standing nearby in his designer sweats.

Why do you waste your time listening to those silly broads?

Megan gets off the mat and starts running on the treadmill.

The ghost of Julius gets on the treadmill next to her.

OK. I’m going to give you a break. Call Alice at the brokerage house and put in a buy order for 500 shares of IBM at 118. As soon as it hits, tell her to put in a sell order at 130. Our roof needs replacing and the car needs work. You’ll pick up enough money to fix them.

Megan wonders, “Am I going crazy? Can I be hearing this?”

The ghost of Julius continues. Just do what I tell you for a change. But don’t be greedy. Sell at 130.

Back at the agency, Megan is telling the girls what she heard.

“I think I’m going to do it.”

Sally pulls out the newspaper. “Let’s look it up.”

They all examine the stock prices in the Chicago Tribune

“This is crazy, Megan. IBM is selling at 150. Your broker is going to laugh at you.”

Annie is excited. “I think she should do it.”

“I’m going to call Alice right now.”

Megan leaves the lunchroom to call Alice.

Harriet puts her opinion out.

“Maybe we should check with Shelley. He knows about –“

Catherine interrupts.

“If I can get recipes, why can’t she get a stock tip?”

Linda is sarcastic.

“Maybe we’d do more business around here doing séances.”

Megan returns to the lunchroom.

“The order is in.”

Sally wants to know.

“Did she think you were crazy?”

“Alice said if anyone could get a message out from the grave it would be Julius.”

The ghost of Julius is standing outside the doorway and has been overseeing the transaction. Danny is with him.

Grave? What grave? I’ve got a good thirty years left in me.

Not on this side you don’t.

I’ve made mistakes. I have to do some things over.

Danny attempts to explain. “You don’t understand. You can’t change the past. It’s over.

The women are filing out of the lunchroom to go back to work

Sally remembers to give Megan a message.

“By the way, Megan, the Green couple called. I think they are going to buy that World Cruise. They are coming in today to discuss it.”

Later, Megan is walking an elegantly dressed couple to the door.

“Send us postcards. You’ll have wonderful time seeing the world. It’s going to be so exciting.”

The couple leaves. Megan takes a key out of her pocket and quickly locks the door to the agency. She picks up the phone on Sally’s desk and calls the local police. Most of them are clients of the agency.

“This is Megan at the travel agency. Could you send someone over? We have $95,000 in cash to take to the bank.”

The police are there in five minutes.

Annie and Linda walk out of the agency and get in Linda’s car. They follow the police car, sirens blasting. When they get to the bank, Annie gets out and goes into the bank while Eric, the policeman, waits outside. Annie comes out of the bank.

“Thanks for the escort. I don’t think I’ve seen you before. Are you new on the force?

“Yes. Just got out of the Academy. I’m Eric.”

“Well, hello Eric. I’m Annie. Nice to meet you.”

Linda and Annie are riding back in the car to the agency.

“That new cop is kinda cute. Linda, I never saw so much money at one time. All in cash. They had three tellers counting it. And I can’t pay my Visa bill.”

“How come?”

Annie is crying.

“I got a $500.00 cash advance on my Visa card. I figured the commission on the church tour would cover it.”

“What for?”

“Don’t say anything but I had to bail Nick out of jail. One of his old girlfriends said he threw her down the stairs. She has a concussion.”

“Annie, you’ve only known that guy a couple of months.”

“I believe Nick. I couldn’t let an innocent man sit in jail.”



“Be careful.”

“Don’t worry I always wear a helmet when I ride with him on his motorcycle”.

“That’s not what worries me.”


Chapter Twenty


Megan is arriving at the office when Sally says, “You’ve got a call on line two. I think it’s your broker.”

She races to the phone.

“Oh, my God, Alice. It really happened? I can’t believe it. No, I don’t want to buy anything else. No, he didn’t give me any more messages. Just send me a check.”

Megan runs out to tell Sally.

“Sally. It happened just like he said. I made almost $5000.”

At lunch, everyone is very excited about Megan’s good fortune.

Catherine is thrilled.

“See, Sally. I told you. You can get messages. Just like I told you.”

“Don’t lecture me, Catherine. Today I’m a believer. Let me know if you get any more stock tips.”

Annie adds, “Me too. I wish I had some money to invest.”

Harriet says, “I told Shelley about it. I told him, “Shelley, let’s take a chance, Shelley. Let’s do it.”

Linda is smug. “I don’t need investments. My lawyers just found bank accounts in Switzerland and in Cayman. That bastard was hiding a lot of money. When this divorce is over, I will be rich.”

Catherine is excited for Megan.

“So what are you going to do with the money, Megan?”

“I am calling the plastic surgeon. I’m going to have my eyes lifted. This windfall is found money. And it is going to give me a whole new outlook on life. I think I can get an appointment in a week.”

 The ghost of Julius is furious.

Found money? Found money? Who do you think found it? The roof and the car need fixing.

Danny has arrived in the office. The ghost of Julius is surprised to see him.

I thought you left.

I’m in and out. There’s no money on the other side you know.

No money? How do people live?

They don’t live. They’re dead.

I don’t get it.

Danny gives him a little lecture.

You’ll learn that wealth is in your mind and your heart. And being grateful for what you have. Not in getting things.

How do you learn that?

Danny explains.

Study. Then you get a new life on earth and can practice.

I need a new life now. Today.

Danny tries to continue. Are you kidding me? With your record, you’ll be learning lessons for a hundred years before they let you come back.


ghost coverThis is an excerpt –

For the whole book, please go to Amazon to order. here

The book is available in Kindle and Paperback on Amazon..  It would make a great Holiday gift for someone you know. You can purchase it in either format.

 Corinne and Paul hope you will enjoy our ghost story.  We thank you in advance if you will post your feedback here and comments on Amazon here.


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(Now that we’ve introduced you to the characters, we’ll be giving you assorted chapters)




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